Dr. phil. habil. Hartmut Pfitzinger

Hartmut Pfitzinger founded Pfizinger Voice Design in 2011. The company is specialized in speech signal processing, which includes the recording of speech signals, speech analysis, language and speaker identification, speech manipulation, voice morphing and speech synthesis. Before 2011 Hartmut Pfitzinger has been a professor and head of the Institute of Phonetics and Digital Speech Processing at the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel.

Prof. Dr. Hermann J. Künzel

Hermann Künzel is a professor at the Institue of German language and literature studies of the Faculty of German Studies and History of the Arts at the Philipps University Marburg. He is leading the Department of Forensic Phonetics. Before his professorship he was leading the Department of Forensic Phonetics of the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Udo Zölzer

Udo Zölzer is a professor and head of the Department of Signal Processing and Communications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg. His research interests are audio and video signal processing and communication.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Jokisch

Oliver Jokisch is a professor at the Institute of Communications Engineering at the University of Telecommunication Leipzig (HfTL). His research focuses on speech learning systems, speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition, prosody and speech analysis, speech corpora and automatic annotation, and acoustic signal processing (sound analysis).

Video Samples

" Find your software more than interesting. Full success with your idea in 2013. Good luck and stay in touch - Ahoi."

(Udo Lindenberg, Singer and artist)

" The software is truly innovative. We are looking forward to co-operating with voice-choice and bringing creative concepts to the app market."

(Sabine Hutchison-Leidel, Co-founder GoGekko)

" What you created is similarly revolutionary as Melodyne."

(Elias Struck, CEO Tonfabrik)

" The management concept and the strong team that stands behind voice2choice software has convinced us to provide support in further development. We will support by offering our know-how in the area of digital audio technologies. The uniqueness of this technology and application, using time domain based voice conversion is very innovative. We have not seen any other comparable technology in research projects and commercial products. The voice2choice software provides quality-converted voices, especially in the application of songs, which is extremely unique, and we see a significant economic potential in this software."

(Christian Dittmar, Fraunhofer Institute IDMT, Team leader semantic music technologies)

" We confirm our interest for a collaboration with voice-choice. The technologically innovative software solution of voice-choice is very unique."

(Marion Noack, Managing Director, Studio Hamburg Synchron GmbH)

" The jury was impressed by the voice-choice concept. At last here is an innovation from Germany and not just another clone from America."

(Dr. Gottfried Neuhaus, Jury Spokesman, Webfuture Award)

" We see a lot of application possibilities for a system like this: it has phenomenal potential, not only for recording studio work but also in the area of sound branding."

(John Groves, Managing Director, GROVES Sound Communications)

" Scientists have been working on an application-focused, close-to-natural voice converter for years. The voice-choice concept makes the daring leap from ambitious research to an innovative, social-therapeutic field of application."

(Oliver Jokisch, Project Manager, Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication (iAS))

" The decisive factor is the sound experience. If that is convincing, then the name voice-choice will be on everyone’s lips. The scope of applications will then be virtually unlimited."

(Dr. Heiko Milde, Managing Director, Pro-Ideenfonds Hamburg)

" Prospects for the further development of the product idea are promising, and perspectives for the sector are very good to excellent. The innovative content of the voice-choice concept is very high indeed."

(Jury Member, Hamburg Innotech Competition Awards)

" The first time I heard about your idea, I immediately thought: this has so many uses – and I couldn’t stop thinking of new ways in which it could be used... In addition, there are undiscovered opportunities in the media, the entertainment industry and communications technology, with very significant potential for realisation and profit."

(Thomas Sperling, TuTech Innovation GmbH, Head of Technology Consulting)

Audio Samples

Song sample 1: A female singing voice after conversion to a male singing voice

Song sample 2: A male singing voice is converted to a female singing voice

Speech sample: A female speaker is converted to a male voice