Award GruenderGeist

Congrats to ourselves. We reached the 2. place and are award winners! :-)


We are happy to be under the Top10 of the GruenderGeist Competition. Good start in the new year 2014!

Startup Night Berlin

voice-choice freut sich zusammen mit GoGekko an der ersten Berliner Langen Nacht der Startups ( am 07.09. teilnehmen zu können.

Cooperation with GoGekko

GoGekko, developers of the iGab iphone app enter into a cooperation with voice-choice to further enhance their 3D voice messenger app.

iGab plans to include a voice2choice voice conversion software option into the iGab Messenger app.

Hamburg 30 August. GoGekko, the developers of the iGab app plan to co-operate with voice-choice to offer iGab users a voice conversion option in the future. The voice2choice voice conversion software allows the user to convert a source voice into a target voice. That means the original user’s voice can be made to have the sound and tone of another person’s voice. “Once we heard first-hand what the voice2choice software can do, we were convinced that in combination with the iGab app, we could offer users even more unusual ways to send messages.” Stated Gogekko Co-founder Claudia Neumann.  This will allow the user not only to select which character and emotion they would like to use when creating a message, they will also have the possibility to use an altered version of their own voice, if they so choose.

“We developed iGab because we wanted to offer an alternative to text messages. By adding the voice2choice software solution, we want to add even more one of a kind features to our app and more fun to people’s everyday lives.” Stated Gogekko Co-founder Sabine Sabine Hutchison-Leidel

When asked why he chose iGab as a cooperation partner, Founder and CEO Michael Stoss stated” Both the idea and the concept behind iGab are very convincing.” The multitude of possible uses, also including our software made a cooperation with Gogekko especially attractive.”

The two start-ups are currently in the process of working out the particulars of their cooperation and are hopeful that they will have an integrated solution soon. iGab users can look forward to an ever-increasing number of new features to be added in the future.

Oscar award winner Randy Thom

Yesterday evening we met Randy Thom at 3th. International academy of Filmmusic, Gamesmusic and Sounddesign in Hamburg ( Randy Thom won the Oscar of best sound design twice for "The right staff" (1984) and "The incredibles" (2005).