Application Areas



  • create personalized voice profiles in the digital games sector
  • become actively part of the game or interact with other gamers
  • generate completely new types of game character voices

The digital games market has successfully developed into a global business, reaching into the billions. Increasing trends are the download of games as well as mobile and network gaming. Also in future, rapid growth of this industry is expected. New gaming concepts (e.g. serious games, strategy games, e-learning) target new groups of buyers such as elderly people or women. Thus, the target audience for digital games is continuously expanding. Currently, only one third of the gamers are female. The percentage of male gamers still dominates the market.

The voice conversion with the software voice2choice allows the creation of personalized voice profiles in the digital games sector. By recording their own (respectively familiar, individual) voices, the users can actively become part of the game or interact with other gamers. Gaming with the player’s own voice establishes a very personal relationship to the game and the game appeal rises through the strong identification with the corresponding game character. Likewise, the application of the voice2choice software can generate completely new types of voices for game characters. Our innovative software enables the games producers to save costs on voice recordings, as highly diverse voice characters can be created in a short time.

Another relevant application field for the voice2choice software solution related to the games industry is sound design. Voices and sounds converted by voice2choice are adaptable in any way, also for the use in post production companies (e.g. sound effects in TV commercials).



  • fullfill the desire to sing perfectly
  • modify a selected song into the personal voice tone
  • provide a personalized selection of recorded voices

“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” or “The Voice” in the USA are only two in innumerable TV shows that aim at satisfying many people’s wish to sing as perfectly as their idol. In nearly every country there are similar TV formats. This ambition seems to be a global phenomenon. Karaoke is also a popular way of getting a bit closer to your singing idol.

The voice2choice software makes the wish to sing perfectly come true. It reveals unimagined “singing experience” resulting in songs of professional quality – as if the original song of the professional singer had been sung by the user themself. A short recording of one´s own voice is already sufficient for our software to modify the selected song into the personal voice tone and to obtain an amazing singing result.

The voice2choice conversion software provides the personalized selection of recorded voices for the reproduction of professional songs. In this context, the fun factor plays a prominent role. “Sing your favorite song with your voice – in star quality.”



  • revolutionize the dubbing voice
  • adapt the dubbing voice to the actor's voice
  • personalize the dubbing voices

Apart from private users’ personal voice profiles, famous dubbing voices from television, movies, radio and TV commercials play a significant role in applying the voice2choice software.

Nowadays, the dubbing of foreign movies is taken for granted in many countries. Regarding Germany, over ninety percent of the movies and television series are dubbed by voice actors. Due to rising cost pressure, movie piracy, as well as technical progress, not only the German dubbing market is considered as highly competitive. Thus, there is an enormous potential arising for voice2choice, as actors’ voices exist in the archives and the dubbing studios have access to a pool of voice characters to choose from, without the need for the dubbing actors to appear in person. It is equally conceivable that the original actor reproduces the German dubbing voice with his voice tone in order to achieve a personalized, uniform result of voice and character. This means one voice is attributed to only a single person. So far, this is not the case, because a dubbing actor lends his voice to several actors.

By using the voice2choice software, dubbing voices can be adapted internationally to the original actors’ voices, so that the dubbed actor sounds exactly the same in every country. Therefore, voice2choice not only presents the opportunity for a large measure of creativity, but also realizes savings in terms of costs, staff and time.



  • customize an audio book with your own or an individually selected voice
  • modify original voice files and emulate the sound of a familiar voice
  • create a very personal listening experience

Supported by the voice2choice software, users can modify original voice files, especially text recordings by professional voice artists (such as audio books). The recording is modified so that it sounds as if the text had been read by the familiar person / user him or herself. By recording their own voice and other individual voices, the voice software offers users a simple and practical way to replace the original voice in a text-to-voice recording.



The voice2choice software allows the use of recorded voices, tailored to the individual needs of the users. This opens up a wide range of commercial opportunities in addition to the application areas described above:

  • interactive voice response (IVR)
  • voice mobile app
  • voice enhancement
  • car navigation systems
  • voice recognition in security systems
  • social applications

In addition to the application areas listed, we offer our application programming interface (API) of the voice2choice software. For further information please don't hesitate to contact us!