About Us

About Us

Our company name is Voice2Choice. We are a tech company and focus on a worldwide market. Our vision is to provide the perfect voice conversion. We intend to offer our voice2choice software for the individual conversion of songs and voices. The software solution converts a source voice into a target voice. Our unique technologically innovative software called voice2choice can customize games, movies, songs, audio books with an individually selected voice. By using the revolutionary software, the dubbing voice in a movie for example sounds just like the original actor´s voice – in any language and amazing quality.

The idea behind Voice2choice stems from a private situation its founder Michael Stoss experienced: “When I (Michael) worked in Malaysia I called my family in Germany every weekend. I was wondering how to leave my voice at home without being present. Back in Germany I started the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute (IDMT), the Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication (iAS, Dresden) and the Department of Signal Processing and Communications (NAT, Hamburg) to work on the idea.“


Investment: "MediaCorp"

Grant: "Spring TECS"
Competiton: "GruenderGeist"
Nomination VDI/VDE/IT: "World´s best Entrepreneur from the Creative Industries"
Competition: "Gruenderwettbewerb IKT Innovativ"
Grant: "EXIST Gruenderstipendium"
Competition: "Hamburger Musikwettbewerb Music Works"
Top10: "Hamburger Innotech-Preis"
Finalist: "Webfuture Award"
Competition: "Hamburger Pro-Ideenfonds"

Michael Stoss - (CEO)
The primarily founder of the voice2choice software is Michael Stoss and he serves as the company´s CEO. He is a strategically oriented management professional with accomplished knowledge in different management positions. He holds an university degree in Industrial Engineering and has had several years’ local and international business experience. More specifically he has had considerable experience as a strategy manager for product and price.
Adrian von dem Knesebeck - (CTO)
Co-founder Adrian von dem Knesebeck is the chief technical officer (CTO) and is responsible for the technological issues and development of the software solution. He has a university degree in Electrical Engineering and is a doctoral candidate in the field of audio signal processing. His research is focused on audio signal analysis and synthesis techniques.